Fees and living costs

Fee level ('000 RMB/year, latest available year)

HumanitiesSciencePhysical Education & Art

* MBAs and courses taught in English may be more expensive.

Fees are payable at the start of each calendar year at registration, and visas from the second year onward can be obtained only once such fees are paid.

Costs of living vary between provinces and cities. Typically a shared dormitory room with corridor bathroom and kitchen facilities costs 15-40RMB/night. However, some universities are also building newer dormitories with better facilities that are more expensive. For example, Peking University’s Global Village

Note that single rooms are not always easy to secure due to over-demand, especially at the most popular schools, and often there is a policy that undergraduate and masters students should share a room.

It is also possible to rent accommodation privately around campus. Prices will of course vary according both to the city and how central the university.

Canteen meals at a typical university 'canting' cost around 10RMB/meal. A spending allowance of 2,000RMB/month provides for a basic lifestyle in Beijing after accommodation.