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The Team

Sinograduate has three co-founders and partners, each with a unique outsider's experience and perspectives of shifts relating to the 'Asian Century', and especially the increasing role of China:

Lauren had the idea for Sinograduate in 2007 from the vantage of Peking University (PKU). Following the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the onset of the Financial Crisis of the same year, rising interest in Chinese universities, research and innovation has incrementally increased with time. By the time of the 2012 London Olympics, interest had become necessity, and Sinograduate too had evolved.

For Lauren Sinograduate is a natural extension of her PhD experience at PKU, and her interest in economics - upgrade of China's universities and research capacity is central to China's next phase of growth.

For Julian, the decision to co-found Sinograduate related most to his field of expertise - Nuclear Science. As one of the world's leading thorium experts, Julian understands more than most that his field of expertise is advancing and being most invested in in Asia, and especially in China. Julian lives in Norway but is regularly travelling.

Stephane co-founded Sinograduate to broaden his strategic geopolitical and risk assessment interests and experience. Formerly an Associate Director of the World Economic Forum's Global Risks team, he is an expert scenario-planner of geopolitical and economic shifts. Stephane lives in Bangkok, with his wife and two sons, and travels regularly.

Joining the core team are associates, alumni friends and former classmates from around the world, including students and researchers in China, Australia and the UK, whom facilitate upkeep of the site and our projects. We are all regularly in touch care of modern technology, working naturally across time zones and electricity plugs.

We hope you will engage the site, recommend it to friends and colleagues, sign out to our updates, and help us to keep it updated with new information and suggestions. Please recommend us to your colleagues, professional associates, classmates and friends.

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The Sinograduate Team



Lauren has worked in economic policy and research at the World Bank, World Economic Forum, EIU and for the governments of Sierra Leone and Guyana. She has learned Chinese since 1995, and lived in Beijing for almost six years, on and off since 1997. Lauren has a PhD in Economics from Peking University, an MSc in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a B.A/B.Com from the University of Melbourne.



Stéphane has expertise in identifying global risks to business and society, specializing in managing public-private partnerships to address them. His career spans the private and public sector including the UN and the World Economic Forum where he was an Associate Director. He holds a Master and Bachelor's degree from the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford.



Julian obtained his PhD in materials science at the Australian National University. He has worked for the last 12 years in the nuclear energy sector, including a period as Counsellor in the Australian Permanent Mission to the IAEA in Vienna. He is particularly interested in China's energy policy and energy infrastructure developments.